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Clean your Air Exchanger

Air exchanger ducts are generally small and folded, and require regular maintenance. Dust, dirt and contaminants can easily stick to these types of walls. We recommend cleaning your air ducts every three years to keep them in good working condition.

A service backed by unparalleled expertise.

Central air exchanger ducts are much smaller and tend to be folded. Dirt, dust and other contaminants easily stick to the walls of this type of duct. It’s important to have them cleaned 2-3 years to ensure an optimal performance of your unit and better air quality. We create a negative pressure in the ducts of your air exchanger when we clean it. Dust and residue will be trapped in our HEPA filtered dust collector. Finally, we clean the two vents outside your house or condo.
nettoyage de conduit d air


The cleaning period varies from 2 to 5 years, depending on your ventilation system and your particularities (for example, if you have a health problem).

If you are doing renovations, chances are that the ducts will need to be cleaned again afterwards

There are many of them!

  • The air quality will be much better and your environment safer.
  • The amount of dust in the house will be reduced.
  • The life of your ventilation system will be increased.
  • The performance of your ventilation system will be improved.

The drying time will be faster. In addition, by avoiding the accumulation of lint, you prevent the risk of fire related to a clogged duct.

At Air 2, we use a product approved by Health Canada, Benefit DECON-30 which is safe and non-toxic.

At Air2, we use a camera system that allows us to provide customers with a preview of the work being done. Thus you get pictures taken before and after the work. This method, allows us to guarantee a quality of work irreproachable.

Absolutely! We offer 24 hour service.

When we receive a quote, our team will contact you within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request.

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